We create solutions through our cutting edge translation technology.

Language SI not only employs highly skilled translators, we also use effective technologies from memory matching to desktop publishing and layout. The pairing of these strategies simplifies, expedites and reduces costs. Below are a few examples of how our technology contributes to your project’s overall consistency.

Translation Memory

Using the best translation memory software, we provide consistency across multiple documents and projects as well as a cost-saving opportunity.

Desktop Publishing

Nuances vary from country to country. Details vary from format to format. We can format your content in a variety of media using various applications, including but not limited to: FrameMaker, InDesign, AutoCad, PageMaker, and MS Word. Along with tailored publishing services, we also translate between foreign languages. We use English as a benchmark to move succinctly from one dialect to another. This ensures the intention of the content remains intact.


When your project is finished and the layout is complete, we’ll provide a FTP link, so you can view the final product in the easiest and simplest way.

Website Translation

Need your website translated? We can translate everything on your site, including graphics, buttons and icons in the language of your choice. Once it’s complete, our graphic artists can return your site completely formatted and ready to go live.

Partial Translation

When you receive complex contracts or smaller documents that need translation, we can proof the files and convey the specifics. This saves you time and money and helps you decide what projects you want to move forward with.